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Internet Dating Sites

Kelvin Symonds – Internet Dating Scams and Scammers


Kelvin Symonds – Internet Dating Scams and Scammers

Here is an email from a reader who met Kelvin Symonds at one of the many internet dating sites. She liked his picture and profile, but warning signs started showing up when he said he was leaving on business. Here is a chat session where she calls him out for being a scammer.

Kelvin Symonds – AKA – – – yahoo messenger userid – Username = juneshastid – Username = kelinus

Kelvin Symonds:
Kelvin Symonds: OKAY
brownbj2271: Hello Kelvin, are you there?
Kelvin Symonds: Hello am here missing you so much am so worried right now
brownbj2271: Why are you worried?
Kelvin Symonds: I just left town and i got a call from Kelly
brownbj2271: Who is Kelly?
Kelvin Symonds: kelly is my adopted son i guess you dont keep in mind what i tells you
brownbj2271: You never told me his name Kelvin.
Kelvin Symonds: Oh okay then am sorry now you know he just called me telling me he is short of food stuffs and am very worried because there is nothing i can do from where i am
brownbj2271: Oh, that’s too bad.
Kelvin Symonds: Yes my dear am so worried right now and dont know what to do i just feel like kiling my self
brownbj2271: Well then you should get home so you can send him money.
brownbj2271: Or is that you were leading up to ask me for money to help him?
Kelvin Symonds: Oh my dear i just dont know what to do am in a different state
brownbj2271: Another scammer.
Kelvin Symonds: And i came for business and cant go home today
Kelvin Symonds: Oh no you are calling me a scammer thank you
brownbj2271: Good bye scammer. No need in contacting me again. I’ll remove you from my contact list. I knew as soon as you started with you had to leave town and that you were oh so worried about your “adopted” son from Ghana no less that something was up.
brownbj2271: It doesn’t what state or country you’re in if what you claim were true you would still be able to help him or whomever.
Kelvin Symonds: This life i can see you dont trust me so thank you for the insult
brownbj2271: After I told you about my financial situation and you still want money from me?
Kelvin Symonds: Listen it just help i want from you and i will pay you back but if you dont trust me fine
brownbj2271: Kelvin, I’ve heared the story that you’re telling me already from another man.
Kelvin Symonds: You see the bad ones will say what the good oens will say to get what they want but it kool if you dont trust me
brownbj2271: Oh no. Contact your bank and have them get money to you or use your credit card to help.
Kelvin Symonds: Listen i put hold on my account any time am ot of time okay
brownbj2271: I DONT GIVE MEN MONEY!!
Kelvin Symonds: Okay
Kelvin Symonds is typing…
Kelvin Symonds: ok

Frederic Johnson is a Nigerian Scammer

Frederic Johnson is a Nigerian Scammer


This email was sent to warn you of Nigerian dating scams and Frederic Johnson. Frederic Johnson was the name the scammer used in this particular instance. Nigerian dating scams are on almost all internet dating sites and this internet dating scam victims story is to help others from being victims.
I am writing to you about Frederic Johnson, a Nigerian scammer that contacted me the first day I joined After Frederic Johnson sent me 3 emails through the internet dating website he requested to chat on MSN. His msn address Frederic Johnson claimed to be an upmarket estate agent that buys houses for clients all over the world. He claims he has Finnish nationality and has lived in Leicester England for 8 months. He is a widow and has a 9 year old son called Greg. His wife (Lisa) died of cancer two years ago. Frederic Johnson supposedly travelled to Nigeria two weeks ago to source a property. Having found it and had been paid for his service he was going to leave 29th Oct 2008 to fly and see me (you can see at the bottom of my email where I live). Frederic Johnson asked if I could him the airfare as he couldn’t cash his check until he got to Europe. I was to make a transfer by Western Union. Frederic Johnson even found the nearest place to where I live by using my postcode. So, off I went and sent him 1250 euros. An hour and a half later he was at the airport to buy his ticket but the authorities need £3000 bta (basic travel allowance) to get out of the country. Sadly, alarm bells did not ring until then. I told Frederic Johnson I had no access to money without 30 days notice. I didn’t have anymore to send but didn’t want him to know. Last night and this morning I chatted with him and said I thought he was a scammer. He was insulted and of course he swore he loves me and is going to marry me. What could he do to ‘prove’ himself to me. I asked him to send me a photocopy of his passport so I could at least see his photo is real. At 11 am this morning he went off to copy it and email me. Needless to say, no email from Frederic Johnson.
The money was sent by Western Union to:
Frederic P Johnson
45 Queens Road
His phone number is +23 480 686 289 75
I feel such a fool, I had never tried internet dating before. I found him, or rather he found me, the day I joined. To make matters worse, I ‘miss’ him and our ‘relationship’ more than the money. Right now, I don’t know how I will survive financially next month, he had my wages. I am an intelligent woman, with a good gut instinct for seeing a ‘fake’ but this man was so plausible and ‘vulnerable’ I fell for Frederic Johnson. Please, if you can publish his my internet dating story and Frederic Johnson contact details I would appreciate it. I really wish I could save his next victim from the pain I feel today.
Many thanks.

Did You Know The Person You’re Dating is Married?

Did You Know The Person You’re Dating is Married?

Internet dating has opened up an entire new way for single people to meet. Right? WRONG! You would be surprised to find out that the person you’re dating is married, but that happens more than you would think.

Unfortunately not everyone out there looking to date is single. Quite often the people on internet dating sites are married, even though they claim to be single.

In the past, when a married guy started cheating, he’d simply remove his wedding band before heading into a club or bar. If the place had dim lighting, he could get away with it. However, in most cases, the telltale white line around his ring finger was a dead give away that he’d just removed his ring to magically become single.

With internet dating that white line becomes blurred. Really blurred. There is no way of spotting the “white line” unless you meet the guy (or gal). Believe it or not, according to an MSNBC dating survey, 30% of men with active listings on internet dating sites today are married!

Says one expert: “Whether a single woman meets her date through internet dating sites, or at offline places like church or the market down the street, the 30% rat ratio remains constant.” However, it’s not only men who are looking for the extramarital activities these days. According to a lot of research out there today, married women are actively dating just as much as married men. They are just doing it for different reasons, well sorta. So with these statistics in mind, it’s safe to say that somewhere out there, someone has, will, or is about to, run into someone who is already married. You can just about bet on it!

Now before you even have to ask the question: “Are they married?” Here are seven simple tips to help spot if the person you’re dating is married.

1. Someone who is married never gives out his or her real last name. Most married cheaters don’t what to get caught. The last thing they want to give away is their true identity, just in case things sour and someone starts calling someone’s spouse.”Our advice here is to take out your driver’s license, and playfully ask to see his. If he recoils at the idea, you may have a dating married rat,” says one expert.Note: Just make sure if you do play the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” game, that you’re 100% comfortable with this person knowing where you actually live.

2: Someone who is married will never tell you where he or she lives and/or you will never be invited to visit their home.Any questions? This one should be pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many people let this one slide – only to find out too late. It makes sense when you first start dating that your date wants to be with you and only you. So you always end up at YOUR place. As the dating continues, the excuses from the cheater in regards to where they live will undoubtedly get more and more creative.Note: check the driver’s license.

3: Someone who is married never has a home phone telephone number that they will give you. They always give out their cell phone number because it’s always “so much easier.”The revolution of the cell phone has made it so much easier for people to communicate. It has also become a tool for people who cheat on their spouse. If the reasoning behind the lack of handing over a home telephone number to you sounds fishy, then chances are if you had it, you’d be talking to his or her spouse if you unexpectedly called.

4: Someone who is married, and pretending to be single, has bizarre telephone habits.Okay, if you let it slide that your date can only use a cell phone to communicate with you, then why are the calls at odd hours? Are calls suddenly dropped mid-sentence, regardless of where he or she is? Do you only get voice-mail when you call during “normal hours?” Do get your calls returned at odd hours, with even more bizarre excuses? Face it; if someone is married they are not going to be able to talk with you when they are with their family. Note: Speaking of family, see tip 5.

5: If the person you’re dating is married, you will NEVER meet their immediate family.Anyone single and romantically involved with someone would invite their date to meet their family. Right? Well, if the person is married you can forget about meeting any brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles – let alone parents. So if they tell you they have to go to a funeral, guess what? You are not going to be going – and if you do show up out of sympathy – well, bring a pair of sneakers. You may want to hit the pavement running when you see what really going on.Note: The only exception is if the entire family hates the spouse and wants to see their loved one happy – but the chances of that are very, very slim.

6: Someone who is married will never be able to spend a holiday, their birthday or any other kind of celebration with you.If they are busy with their family, they will not be spending it with you – regardless of their excuse. If you start feeling like a party for one – you are.

7: Fuzzy, blurry out of focus online ad photos.If the person you’re dating is married, they are not going to post a current, clear, and in focus photo of him or herself just in case someone may happen to see their picture.So the bottom-line: If you have to ask yourself the question, “I wonder if they are married?” Enough said.

All content and images copyrighted by and cannot be used without permission.

Internet Dating Stories – Married Men Story 1

Internet Dating Stories – Married Men Story 1

A reader sent in her internet dating story to warn everyone about the potential for encountering married men and women. She had signed up to several internet dating sites, and her experience with a married man is below:

Thank you for allowing me to include my story as a part of your sites internet dating stories that can help warn others. I started chatting with a fellow I met on one of the internet dating sites I was a member of. He said he was a teacher at a school and only could only visit the internet dating sites on lunch breaks and in-between classes (things like that) as he did not have a computer at home. We had a lot in common, both of us were divorced, and had custody of our children. He said the teaching job was great as the hours were great since his kids were in school he didn’t need a babysitter or daycare. We emailed at first from one of the internet dating sites, and then started calling back and forth on our cel phones. We met for lunch and everything seemed to be great. We saw one another steadily on Wednesdays and Saturdays for about two months. I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she said “Where does he live? What is his home phone number?” I said “He is embarrassed of his place, he hasn’t had a woman’s “touch” there and it’s in shambles, and he doesn’t have a home phone.” She started putting thoughts into my head that he was MARRIED, and that is why I couldn’t have his home address and why I couldn’t have a home number for him. It really got to me, and I expressed my concern to him and he said he will bring his divorce papers over the next time we got together. The next 8 times we got together he “forgot”. Yes, I know, I should have put my foot down, but I really really liked him. My friend asked me to get his license plate number, which I did, and she went to an investigative service, and they found out YES he was MARRIED, YES they were living together, and YES I was played for a complete FOOL. I then searched online and read many other internet dating stories and articles and was shocked to find out how many married people have profiles on internet dating sites!!

Jeffery Williams – Nigerian Scammers

Jeffery Williams – Nigerian Scammers

I wanted to share with you a story about Jeffery Williams, who is one of the Nigerian scammers people need to look out for.
I got a message from a man one day who said he seen my profile on one of the internet dating sites and ask if I would be interested in talking with him. He gave me his e-mail address and his Yahoo IM address. I wrote back, because when I went to the internet dating sites I could not find his profile.

He said his name is Jeffery Williams, and wrote back and said he canceled his profile on the internet dating sites as soon as he wrote me because he felt we were going to be a match, (Suspicious) He told me he was a widower and had a 14 year old daughter and his father died when he was 25 years old (he is now 64 years old).

We continued to talk for awhile and I kept a lot of his e-mails, because of my suspicious nature. He then told me that he was in the UK settling his fathers estate issues, (Red Flag: his father supposedly died 39 years ago). When I asked about this he said there has been several problems and he is just now settling them. I asked my friend, who has a sister who is an attorney, and her sister said she has never heard of a will taking 39 years to settle.

One day he wrote me and e-mail and all of a sudden signed it Jean Williams, instead of Jeffery Williams. When I questioned him about it he laughed and wrote back saying this is his daughters name. He accidentally signed her name (yeah right) This man had sent me photos that were supposedly him and his daughter, on the photo it said Mimi was his daughters name. I questioned him on that and he said this is also her name. I knew something was wrong there.

I told Jeffery that something seems very suspicious and I was concerned he is one of the scam artist that I seen on Dr. Phil. He got angry and put it back on me, saying I must not be serious if I can’t trust him. He was ripped off also by someone over the internet and was trying one more time. I told him: well fine lets just agree then that the two of us will not ask for money from each other, this way we will both know it is not all about money for either one of us. He agreed and said he was still hurt that I mistrusted him.

A couple of days went by and all of a sudden Jeffery started telling me how expensive it is there and that he is almost finished up in the UK but now realized that he left the paper (the one that will finalize has dealings) at home on his nightstand, he must get back to Florida and then return to the UK with it. I told him I was sorry and ask if he could get a friend to get the paper and send it to him? He said: no and so he needs to do this himself.

He finally did it: he asked for me to send him cash for his flight and said he could pay me back with a couple of day. I told him I was broke and could not help him. He then got angry and said: well I can’t believe you say you care about me but yet can’t help me out.
I told him that I knew this shit was all about money, he put it back on me and said: well I guess you really never wanted a real relationship.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.. I didn’t hear from him for 3 days then.

All of a sudden he wrote and acted as if nothing had happened. Said he can’t wait to finish his business so we could get married and start our life together. Told me he has never loved anyone as much as he does me. I went along with the game to see what would happen. He said he was stuck there and really needed to get this paper, I asked him if he could get a friend to help him out. He said: If I could do you think I would be asking you? He said he needed $350.00 right away, and he would pay me back $1,000.00 for all of my trouble.

I told him that I sent my last money to my father because my mother, who has heart disease, is in the hospital and because of all the expenses they needed money right away. He told me how sorry he was for my sorrow and then said: but can’t you give me $350.00? I told him again that I will be broke when I send this money tomorrow to my father. He then got very angry and said that since we were in a relationship that he should be first and that he can’t believe that I’m refusing to help him. I told him that my parents come first and if he couldn’t understand that, well then that is too bad. He all of a sudden disappeared from the IM.

I wrote and e-mailed saying I knew he was a con artist because he should understand about my parents. I never heard from him. I then wrote an e-mail again (e-mail below:)

Didn’t pass the test‏
Sent: Fri 6/19/09 9:19 AM
To: Jeffery Williams (

To Jeffery Williams, or whatever your real name is,

Just thought I would let you know that I was testing you the other night regarding the money. I figured if you were really in love with me it wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t give you the money but, if you were just using me for the money, (and I couldn’t give it to you) then you would take off and I wouldn’t hear from you again.

Well, as I suspected you took off when I said I couldn’t help you, and I haven’t heard from you since. So I guess you could say, YOU DIDN’T PASS MY TEST….
So the $350.00 I was going to lend you is still in my possession, thank God..

I guess I should go out and party with my friends on the $350.00 I saved by testing you. You couldn’t have failed a test with any a higher grade.. I guess you are not such a good con-artist after all.

It was a pleasure conning the con-artist. Good luck in the future, if you need some pointers let me know… HA! HA!


Jeffery Williams then wrote back the next day saying: I should have known you were not a serious woman and that you were never serious about me. Thanks for your time, and thanks for wasting my time also.

I wrote back and said: Anytime.. HA! HA!

If it wasn’t for Dr. Phil doing a show on con artist on the internet, I may have fallen for Jeffery Williams lies. I may have given him money. I was lucky and I stayed very alert. I kept the e-mails and always compared them with what he was saying now. Because of this I always caught him in lies. It just never seemed real, something always told me it was a con. The last e-mail I sent him clinched the deal. Not hearing from him and then after my letter saying I was testing him all of a sudden hearing from him.. I knew I was right. He still somehow comes through on my IM, even though I erased him, he says why aren’t you talking to me, why are you ignoring me, I never answer. He said: well I will try later..

He can try all he wants he will not hear from me again.. What a loser… I’m just one of the lucky ones that didn’t send money to him. I wanted to share this e-mail in hopes that it may help someone out there. He goes by the name of: Jeffery Williams and Jean Williams.. Look out for him ladies.. Thanks for letting me share my story here..


Before You Start Internet Dating

Before you start internet dating

Before you start internet dating

Before you start internet dating, there are a few things you should consider. You want your internet dating experience to go smoothly, and want to avoid as many pitfalls as possible. We have comprised a list of things you should do and consider before you start internet dating.

1. Decide how much “distance” is right for YOU? Do you want to meet someone in your town? Within 50 miles? 20? You must think about what distance is feasible for you. Dating and relationships are hard enough, and if you feel long distances would just make one all the more difficult, stick to what will work for you. The internet dating sites have ways of narrowing down your search to people in the areas you choose.

2. When you begin corresponding with someone via email or chat rooms, it may seem dull and you may want to make it easier by calling and communicating by telephone right way, and take the communication off the internet. This is a really, really BAD idea. The last thing you would want is some person that makes you uneasy or makes you nervous having your telephone number. Too many people have been subjected to telephone harassment, and have had to change their phone numbers, which may seem like no big deal but it is an expense, and a pain in the butt. If someone wants to talk really bad let them give you THEIR number, and call THEM. Please have your number blocked with privacy guard (your telephone company can put that feature on your phone for a small fee, which will leave your number unidentifiable to anyone you call that has caller ID) Of course you eventually, after a comfortable period of time, you can give out your phone number to someone who you have communicated with for a while, just take it slow and be smart! (Internet dating is a whole new ball game)

3. When it comes to giving details about yourself, at first, be “general”. When asked where you live, give out the name of the county you live in rather than the exact town or street address. Only give specific details when you feel comfortable with the person and they are RETURNING specific details about THEMSELVES too.

4. Decide what kind of relationship you are looking for, and what is most important for you. Pick people with similar interests rather than just by photo. Be sure to be honest when placing an ad about who YOU are and what YOU are looking for, it betters your chances of finding a long-term relationship.

5. When choosing your username on internet dating sites try to be creative yet not too “cute” or “sexy”. If you are looking for someone to take you seriously, calling yourself “blondebombshell6969″ won’t necessarily put out the message of “take me seriously”. Many people use the internet not for dating, but for cybersex, so if that’s not what you’re into, don’t use a name that may suggest you are. If you are using a name like that, you can understand why someone looking to engage in that type of behavior might select you to see if you are interested too. Your username, when dating on the internet is equivalent to what you may wear on a date……. and clothing can be a reflection of who you are, so make your username a reflection of who YOU are. When choosing a chat room if you are looking for a relationship, choose the appropriate chat room.

6. Be careful about when you are talking about yourself. You want someone to choose you for the right reasons ! Don’t be ready to tell just anyone the size of your income, how much real estate you own, car / cars you drive, or how much you have in the bank. Let’s face it, we all want to impress others, but certain information should only be released to people you have taken to the next level. You don’t want someone more interested in your possessions than in YOU.

7. Be careful when sending out photos, that person now has your picture and can do anything they want with it. Your image is part of your identity, so protect it when you are internet dating!

Internet Dating Profile Guide

internet dating profile guide

Internet Dating Profile Guide

Internet dating sites are all the rage, but how can you make your internet dating profile stand out in the crowd? Here are some Internet Dating Profile guidelines and tips to help you get the most out of your internet dating experience.

So all your friends are now dating online and you’ve decided to follow suite. However, when it comes to putting up an internet dating profile on an internet dating site, the last thing you want to do is put out the wrong message. On the surface something you write on your internet dating profile may seem harmless and fun, but if the wrong person reads it, it could put you in some danger. And not only when it comes to what you say and put in your own internet dating profile, but also when it comes to responding to internet dating profiles as well. So to avoid any missteps from the start, here are some helpful suggestions to make your online dating experience more enjoyable.

Writing your internet dating profile: You want to put your best foot forward, so writing a number of drafts BEFORE putting your ad up for the world to see is a must! This gives you the chance to think about what it is you really want to say about yourself. This gives you a chance to edit yourself before your internet dating profile is posted. Also, ask a friend to read your first, second, and third draft.

And while you are at it, check your spelling and grammar before posting your internet dating profile! Would you want to date someone with sloppy spelling? What make you think they’d want to date you? This is another reason why it is suggested to write your internet dating profile first and then simply cut and paste the final draft into your profile… AFTER running it through a spell check program.

Also, when it comes to personal information – be general until you get to know your potential suitor. The last thing you want is a potential stalker, so DO NOT list where you work, your last name, telephone number or your address or the street you live on. If you are a teacher, just put down teacher. DO NOT put “I’m a teacher at (name of school). This holds true for ANY profession. Internet dating profiles should not include too much private information.

Don’t put pictures of your children on your internet dating profile. No one is dating your children, obviously, and those images should be protected by you and kept private. Nigerian scammers LOVE to steal images of people with children that they can use to scam people. Don’t let them use yours.

Internet dating profile personal photos – first, use a recent photo. Refrain from using a photo with your ex (and cutting them out) because it is considered in bad taste. PLEASE GUYS, don’t take pictures of yourself in front of the bathroom mirror with your shirt off. Women are looking for relationships and connections, not abs. And women, PLEASE do not make pouty duck-face. It is not sexy, it makes you look like an idiot and guys really don’t like it.

Be honest with what you are really looking for. If you are not interested in a long distance relationship, say so. If you are open to long distance relationships, then say so. Respect your own boundaries, and make the people contacting you respect them as well.

Responding to personal profile:
If want to be treated with respect, why not treat someone the way you’d like to be treated. Simple. You speak in sentences, so why introduce yourself in a tag line or short phrase? Perhaps the number one response these days to an online dating profile is: “Liked your profile… want to chat?” You need to say something besides that as well. Be yourself and say something interesting, but not too much personal information. Be funny, but if people don’t understand your sense of humor at first, save it for later.

At the same time, don’t ask for a phone number, address, or last name before you have even gotten a reply from someone. You may be mistaken for a serial killer or worse, a telemarketer. So, take your time asking for that sort of information; you don’t want to scare off prospective dates. Just like if someone asks you the same information right off the bat – you are not going to go there.

If there are several profiles you are responding to, create a template for yourself but include what drew you to their profile. Keep a track of the people you’ve contacted and if someone does not respond to you, move on!Again, if someone asks for too much personal information from the start – hopefully a red flag will go up.

Don’t be too eager to answer someone’s questions. Just like you’re not going to ask too much from the start – right? While you’re at it, stay away from topics like your last failed relationship and how everyone dating online are “game players, liars, and cheats.” While misery may love company, it only makes you sound a little bitter.

“Hi. You look hot. You look sexy.” Okay, unless you are just looking for sex and person’s internet dating profile states they only want sex with NSA (No Strings Attached), responding to an ad like this can easily be misread. Responding to someone’s ad with a sexual overtone, can lead to trouble. Even on “Adult Content” sites you may want to be more creative – but not suggestive. If someone sent you a novella in response to your profile, you might take offence – so sending out the history of the world written by you is not recommended.

And most of all – DO NOT use, “God, I hate online dating.” If you are searching for a potential partner online – why would you say you hate what you are doing? Besides that, you are telling the potential suitor that you hate what THEY are doing as well. So, unless you WANT some to think you are stupid, desperate or a serial killer, it’s best to stay away from that one.

Nigerian scammers like to take you off site right away and want you to delete your profile. They even ask for your log in information. Until you meet someone IN PERSON, don’t make them exclusive, and don’t stop meeting other people.

If someone is really serious about a relationship, like they say they are in their internet dating profile they try to find someone local at first. They do not choose someone from another country. It may sound romantic, but it is illogical. Nigerian scammers love using these long distance relationships so they never have to meet you, they just want to scam you.

Set a reasonable goal for a date. The purpose of internet dating is NOT to date on the internet, by phone,by text, or email. It is to meet in person and date in person. Don’t allow a relationship to develop with someone you cannot meet for months. Do not let them monopolize your time. Tell them to contact you when they are free to DATE, which is why they are supposedly on the site in the first place. Remember, scammers don’t want to meet. People looking for real relationships DO. So be suspicious of anyone who cannot meet you, but can spend hours talking to you by phone and sending email after email. Especially if they say they are travelling out of the country for business – this is scammer 101. Tell anyone leaving the country to contact you when they get back, and not before. That will help you get rid of the scammers, since they need you to send them money OUTSIDE of your country.

All content copyrighted by and cannot be used without permission.

Nigerian Scammer Uk Victim Story

Nigerian Scammer Uk Victim Story

Here is an email from a reader in the UK that was the victim of a Nigerian scammer. The Nigerian scammer is using other identities to try and scam her again.
I have joined a reputable uk internet website, it is now 3 times I have been contacted by Americans first claiming they live here. The 1st one was jacobb but after telling me he loved me, after 1st conversation and sending poetry, i didnt bother with him again. I realized these are the kind of emails a Nigerian scammer would send. The next 1 was called jacob also, no picture on the internet dating site profile either but uploaded to my computer, (spelling of jacob is different with these 2) the 2nd jacob I fell for and he admitted he was still in USA but had this new project and Company he was opening here it was to do with a needleless vaccine for bird flu. which does excist. I checked website he said he had contract with. He was coming on 21st July and his stuff was being shipped. Then he said he got a call from Nigerian Goverment, and told me he had to stop at Nigeria 1st to do business with federal Health Minisrty anyway trying to cut a long story short, when he was supposed to register his Company with CIC he was robbed at gunpoint and driver shot and needed £1800 I did have doubts, I did have that amount in the bank, a little more but i said i didnt have eventually i was actually stupid enough (and i am not Stupid) to send money twice He had “accidently” sent me a copy of his passport, when it was meant to go consulate basically we were falling in love he was going marry me blah blah, I gave him £700 he knew i had no more after that but carried on as normal for 10 days and then nothing. he was called JACOB EISSENHOWER now I am talking to a JERRY GREY who said in his profile he lives in Birmingham, he admitted today the 2nd time i have spoken he is in Alabama but would move here for me or asked would I move there, on his profile it says he has high income but other than that hasn’t mentioned money, but for some reason I feel like I am talking to Jacob again, and I told him he reminded of someone and when he asked I just mentioned it, but he kept asking questions about it. Then said if i was going to doubt him there was no point. and said goodbye. but I emailed him and said he misunderstood, after 20mins of conversation he is more or less taking wedding vows on line, he loves me, i am playing along as i want to see what he is up to. and he is going to Ghana on a business trip soon and he is supposed to be coming to UK next weekend for conference, which are normally held during the week not like USA but it is strange all 3 of them lost their wives in accidents, they all practicing christians, they all say they are in UK but not. This seems very strange to me, i think their may be a group using 1/2/3 profiles on that site, which is what i am going to try and prove with this one. Last time i went on a search i found a site where you could put their names in and see if they had been previously done same thing to someone else, after Jacob stopped contacting me I searched that site and 5 people had had bad experience but emails addys were not funtioning. I cant find it at the moment to do the same with Jerry, but I am playing along to see where he thinks he can take it, he knows i have been a victim surely he must know i am not going to fall for a money scam again.
Just thought I would let you know
They are all most likely the same Nigerian scammer. Once a Nigerian scammer gets money from you, they try and scam you again and again using fake accounts.

Internet Dating Site Victim Story 5

Internet Dating Site Victim Story 5

I was new to internet dating in 2003. After a painful end to a 14 year relationship, a friend convinced me to go online and try an internet dating site. I placed my profile on an internet dating site fearful no one would respond, but as my email inbox began to fill my confidence grew. I live in Texas and he lived in California, but his profile said mileage was only a number that could be overcome. I liked his profile, it seemed friendly and inviting, so I responded to his e-mail. He told me he owned his own business (which was true) and he traveled to service his accounts in Texas often. After a few emails back and forth on the internet dating site, he asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. We spent long hours on the phone. He was so attentive. He’d send poetry and cards and call at least three times a day. How naive I was – I was hooked before even meeting him. After a couple of months we met. He told me he wanted to marry me on his very first visit. I suppose I was desparate. I accepted. The coming next few months were a fantasy come true. He had the type of business he could live anywhere, and we decided he would move to Texas and we would look for a home while living in my condominium. My mother thew a very lavish engagement party for us. My relatives all liked him. He was so personable and intelligent. As the time of his impending move grew close, I began to have this feeling of dread. I shrugged it off as fear.

I wish I would have listened to my gut feelings now. He moved to Texas and into my home in October 2003 . What ensued in the following weeks was a nightmare. He wasn’t at all the man I met. He lied about everything…. Finances, education and even smoking! I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes, and was specific about wanting to meet a nonsmoker. How he hid that from me elludes me to this day. He had a strange fixation on his daughter and dead parents and obscessed on them hours a day. There were all types of banking delays in transfering accounts. I began loaning him money until the bank could straighten the situation out. I continued to help him while he got on his feet. Only he didn’t get on his feet. He got depressed, wouldn’t get dressed and began sleeping all day while I went to work. Then he became ill and ran up thousands of dollars worth of bills in an emergency room. I had a second cell phone line. I never used my phones that much and was more than happy to share with him, and did made him aware of the monthly minute allotment. Six weeks after his arrival he announced he had business along the west coast and wanted to visit his daughter. The day he packed his bags he took everything including a vase he’d given as a gift. Three days into the trip he stopped calling me. I called him and told him this wasnt going to work, and may I have my cell phone back. He agreed to send it, but not before I got the $790 dollar bill. I spent another $200 breaking the contract. As the days went on, I did more investigating and found out he did not have a Bachelors degree. He lied about that, too. Four years later, I am still receiving phone calls from creditors, attorneys and private investigators. Either he is still using my number or he left a trail in Texas that is more grand than I can imagine. I’ve told them all to let me know when they find him. I’d like to get my more than 1,500 dollars back, too. I recently ran across his profile on another internet dating site, but the minute he realized I was there, he blocked me. I contacted the internet dating site and they said he deleted his account. This man is a total con artist.

Internet Dating Site Scam Victims Story

Internet Dating Site Scam Victims Story

I am a victim of an internet dating site scam that has been seen on Dateline. It started the first of September 2007 and just ended a few weeks ago. I don’t know how the Nigerian scammer chose this small town in Georgia but they did. If my story sounds like what the person you are talking to online is telling you, then you are talking to a Nigerian scammer as well. The internet dating site scam started out with an email I received online with a photo attached. This was the most handsome man I’ve ever seen on the internet dating site perfectmatch. I chose to e-mail him and he responded back immediately. He took his time answering the questions the site has you send the other person so we e-mailed a few times on this site. But after the fourth time, he wanted me to e-mail him to his personal address on yahoo or hotmail and gave me his cell phone number in London. I waited a few weeks before I did that because I was not comfortable with that idea. I noticed his picture had disappeared and a newer one showed up. I e-mailed him to see if that was the same person and he said he had to change it because some young girl was harrassing him and that there were a lot of weirdos out there. He claimed to be a civil engineer contractor who did work for a German Company overseas and that he traveled all the time. He said he was half German and even gave me the name of the company he did work for. He claimed to have moved to this small town a few years back because his father died and he was taking care of the place. Whenever I asked him the address or his phone number here, he would change the subject or say we’d talk about that later. He claimed to have a mother and son in Utah and wanted to move them here when the time was right. He claimed to have been divorced since 2000 and said his wife cheated on him, so I could relate. Anyhow, he shared the same dreams I had and sent the most romantic e-mails I’ve ever seen in my life. He would not call on the phone very much and I thought it was because of his thick accent. I later on realized it was not German, but Nigerian. He also had me sign up for Skype and we were on line early morning before work, during work, and into the wee hours of the morning. He had reeled me in hook, line, and sinker. Things changed when he suddenly had to do business with Chevron (so he said) and had to travel to Nigeria. Four days later we were on line and he didn’t come right out and tell me but he had been robbed and everything was stolen. He needed some help to get to the American Embassy and said he’d have to fly to another city to get there. I kept asking him why couldn’t he get the people he had been doing business with to help him or his family. He said his mom had traveled to Germany and couldn’t be reached and that he was suspicious of the business people and that the country was disorganized over there. I gave him a number to call to get help and he said he’d called them and was in safe hands and in the hospital but wasn’t allowed to call me until they checked his information out. We were supposed to have met two days later. So I did try to send some money but it never worked. Western Union does not allow money to be sent to that country. He told me who to use and how to do it. That was a red flag that he was a Nigerian scammer. He’d obviously been through this before. So I did send some using Money Gram and it did make it, but when he called that morning and needed the correct name I used to send it, he forgot that I had already provided him that information. I called the 1-800 number on the back of my receipt and a man with the same accent answered and said I needed to cancel the transaction. Luckily, I did and I never heard from him since. So I was definitely heartbroken by someone I thought was who they said they were. It’s an emotional scar you carry for awhile if you began to have strong feelings for the person on the other end. It makes you distrust, that’s for sure. Do not be an internet dating site scam victim like me, learn from my mistakes, and be careful! An internet dating site scam always involves money, because that is the only reason they are even talking to you. If you never send money, you can never be an internet dating site scam victim. NEVER SEND MONEY.


All pictures that you see on this site are used by scammers to deceive their victims, but people portrayed on these pictures are not scammers themselves! You are NOT looking at the actual faces of people who are scamming you. People on the pictures have nothing to do with scammers. The pictures are used by scammers without their knowledge and permission. Most people on the photos are models and will probably never contact you on any dating service or through any IM. If you are approached by anybody who claims to be a person on the pictures listed here, you are most likely being scammed. This scam list merely gives you an idea which photos scammers use, so you can detect and avoid scams, but unfortunately not showing you the real faces of scammers. Nobody knows their real faces.

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